Tuesday, March 17, 2015


By Teacher Ched Arzadon

Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) is a paper and pencil test administered by DepEd's NETRC (National Educational Testing and Research Center) to  determine the grade or year level appropriate for the test taker. PEPT covers all grade/year level from  Grade 1 to Fourth Year high school so that takers can have a chance to move to the next grade or year level  or even complete basic education in just one examination.

1.  What is the purpose of the PEPT?
To validate and accredit knowledge and skills in academic areas for re-entry to school, for job promotion and the like.

2.  Who are qualified to take the test?
Filipino citizens who:
  • dropped out of school and failed to finish elementary or secondary education.
  • are enrolled in school but are overage for their grade/year level.
  • homeschoolers

3.  Is there an age limit to those who are applying for the test?

4.  What is the coverage of the test?
Elementary Level
HeKaSi (Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika)

Secondary Level

First Year – General Science
                    Elementary Algebra
                    Philippine History (Kasaysayan at Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas)
                    English I
                    Filipino I
Second Year – Biology
                         Intermediate Algebra
                         Asian History (Kasaysayan ng  mga Bansang Asyano)
                         English II
                         Filipino II

Third Year – Chemistry
                      World History (Kasaysayan ng Daigdig)
                       English III
                       Filipino III

Fourth Year – Physics
                       Advance Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics
                       English IV
                       Filipino IV
The PEPT can also be administered to individuals with visual impairment whether Braille or non-Braille readers.

5.  When and where is the PEPT administered?
  • The PEPT Regular  for those coming from the public school is held once a year, usually in June. The conduct of the test is held in respective testing centers of the division offices.
  • The NETRC also administers PEPT Walk-In for walk-in examinees the whole year round. Sometimes, they have to wait until there are 25 test takers to administer the test.
  • Special PEPT is also conducted upon request of concerned parties within the year. The venue and schedule of the test depend on the necessity of the said request.

6.  Where and when to register for the PEPT?
For the PEPT Regular, prospective examinees should register at the nearest DepEd Division Office from July to September.
See addresses here:

For the PEPT Walk-in, prospective test takers should register personally at the:

Test Administration Division
Rm 215, 2nd Floor, Mabini Bldg., DepED Complex (ULTRA), Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.
Contact Nos.: 631.2571 / 631.2591 / 631.6921

  • For the Special PEPT, interested parties should coordinate with the Office of the Director-NETRC, Rm 209, 2nd Floor of the same building
     Telefax: (02)6316921

7.  How much should an examinees pay for the test?

PEPT Regular - Php50.00
PEPT Walk-in - Php200.00
Special PEPT -  Php200.00
* No fee During Independence Day *

8.  What are the requirements to be presented during registration?
  • High School Level: Form 137 from school last attended (original and 1 photocopy)
    Elementary Level
    : Form 137 or 138 from school last attended (original and 1 photocopy)
  • Authenticated birth certificate from the National Statistics Office (original and 1 photocopy)
  • Two (2) pieces of recent and identical 1 x 1 colored pictures
  • Registration Fee
  • For first time takers coming from "private school or homeschooling provider" only, must show the school's permit to operate or government recognition (1 Original – just to show that you have original and 2 xerox copies).
  • For 2nd time takers of PEPT. No need for form 137 or form 138 and school permit. Just show your previous PEPT test results with 1 photocopy.
  • Child's appearance (For fill-up application form and interview)

9.   Does the NETRC-DepED provide a reviewer for the prospective PEPT takers/examinees?
No. Please refer to the subject area coverage of the test.

But you can check the DepEd resource center for reference. The DepEd EASE high school modules (298) can be helpful

ALS Modules (elem and hs) can also be another good source


10.  What would the test results show?
Test takers would be given a certificate of rating attesting what grade/level they are qualified to enroll in. The certificate can also attest if they are qualified to go to high school or college depending on the score they obtain.
If you want to enter a particular grade/year level but your scores show that you did not meet the requirement for a particular subject, you will repeat the test only for that particular subject

11.  If an examinee lost his/her copy of the original PEPT Certificate, what should he do?
The examinee must file a request and avail a copy of the PEPT Certificate of Rating at the Verification Room (Rm 214) of the NETRC. A payment of Php50.00 will be charged for every copy of the test results.
When are test results released?
  • The results of the PEPT Regular are usually released after 3 to 4 months from the date of examination. 
  • The results of the PEPT Special/Walk-In are usually released after 2 to 3 weeks from the date of examination.

12.  How is the PEPT similar with or different from the Accreditation and Equivalency Test (A & E)?
  • The PEPT and A & E are both under the Accreditation and Equivalency Program.
  • The PEPT was designed based on the regular school curriculum while the A & E Test was based on the alternative and learning system curriculum. 
  • The PEPT results enable examinees to know their exact grade or year level placement (Grade I to Year IV) while the A & E Test results provide information on the level of educational qualifications they met, either elementary or secondary. 
  • The A & E Test is administered by the Bureau of Alternative and Learning System every October or December. The PEPT is conducted from January to June (Walk-In), every November, and upon special request.  
  • It is required to pay a test fee for the PEPT while it is not for the A & E Test.   
  • BALS provides modules and practice tests (both levels) for the prospective A & E test takers while NETRC gives pointers or subject areas covered in the test (both levels).

13.  I am enrolled in a school not accredited by DepEd, what test can i take?

Philippine Validation Tests are intended to validate learning acquired by those who enrolled in elementary/secondary schools without permit; those and those who studied in a non-graded school or distance education programs. The subject areas are English, Filipino, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies (HEKASI)/Araling Panlipunan). Applicants for the test should get an endorsement from the office of the Regional Director.
DepEd Regional offices - http://www.deped.gov.ph/contact/directory/regional-offices


  1. hello, how many times can a pept examinee take the test? for exmple, if my son would take the pept this year, will he be allowed to take the pept next year? thank you.

    1. Hi Gary! I do not have an experience with any test yet, but based on the threads of more experienced homeschoolers, YES, one can take the PEPT repeatedly. Are you already currently homeschooling?

  2. Hi, my son stopped for a year (5th grade) he's suppose to be in 6th grade this school year. can he take PEPT so he can still make it for this school year?

    1. Do you mean that he homeschooled for his 5th grade, and would like to go back to traditional school for 6th grade?
      I think items #5 & #6 should answer your question, which, to me, seems like a 'yes'.

  3. Hi!how many times can a student take the pept until he pass the exam?

  4. Other than the information posted here, I have limited knowledge with PEPT since I have no intentions yet of subjecting my kids to standardized exams until after 6th grade, maybe, or during high school, since we plan to homeschool them until high school (even beyond).

  5. What if we do independent homeschool or do not have any provider? Can our child still take the PEPT?

    1. Yes. Many independent homeschoolers take it yearly, or when they see it fit, for documentation purpose, or for assessment, or to transition back to traditional school (requirement).

  6. Hello po. My ate plans on taking the exam this November but she's unsure on what to review. She only finished 3rd year high school. Will she review all the coverage from elementary to high school level, or just the 4th year ones?

    1. From what I've read in forums, the student take exams of lower grade levels as well if they haven't done so before, and that is why others take it yearly, instead of lump it all in one sitting. I suggest to clarify your concerns with DepEd.