Thursday, June 8, 2017


At week 30  out of 34-36, we're at homestretch.  Just a slight back-log h our reading practice, otherwise, everything else is right on schedule, hence, will be able to finish our books for the school year. 

With a toddler in tow, we were core subjects-heavy for the year, almost side-stepping the electives, but enrichments--humanities, arts and music are important in their holistic development, so lately I've been incorporating and tried catching up with picture study, and also a weekly plan and determination to finish our Level 1 before the year ends.  Also started the boys with  learning the recorder with Yamaha Advantage.  (Now I know that music class in high school was not for nothing). 

Just read a review of the movie Captain Fantastic, which I already watched 2 months ago.  It mentioned "nature schooling".  Google "nature pedagogy".  Nature schools or forest schools have cropped up in Europe, and the movement has started in Australia. Here in our city, everyone's kid is in Kumon.  Nature schools would have been a better alternative, in my humble opinion.  Anyways, so I searched on the topic, looking for how to's, and curricula, only to realize that we have it all along.  Nature study, nature walks.  We're just a little behind.  Should commit to weekly nature field trips once the baby is out and we can be out and about nature trekking.  And there are quite some places we can explore (ah, the advantage of living in the province). 

So, I've bought our books for the incoming school year, (though we homeschool year-round).  They're on their way.  Everything has been delivered to my sister in the US, which my parents w ill bring home with them.  Excited.  How can I not be?  Went SOOO over the budget.  Excited for the things we'll learn.  Praying with the coming year, learning will be more interesting for the kids.  Still more textbook-based, especially with the language arts program, but with how I have splurged on the materials, investing on non-curriculum materials, I'll take it as a lesson to learn to part with textbooks and have the courage to go for the more interesting, living books than be stuck with the drier textbooks, in the future.

As for record-keeping, a typical course of study, and achievement records (which includes materials used, date of completion, and credit) for first, and second grade levels, for the 2 boys have been filed, and will do for now. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Field trip: Provincial Library

Our first field trip for the school year was a visit to the provincial library.  The collection of children's books weren't as exhaustive as I would have wanted.  It didn't generate as much excitement from the boys, (though the little girl wouldn't let go of Pancake, Pancake by Eric Carle.)  I showed them some books that we used to play on the CD, they recognized it and were smiling about it.  We read a Madeline and the Old House in Paris (John Bemelmans Marciano).  We checked out, and scanned pages of some more books.  Like I said, it wasn't a very big collection but there were books I'd definitely would like to read to the boys, musty as the old books are.  It's too bad they don't allow the books to be borrowed and brought out of the building, because people don't return the books.  I'll surely bring them back for story time.

After, we made a side trip to the pet shop where a duck's webbed feet got M1's attention, as did the white mouse running in its wheel.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First day for SY 2016-2017

It's our first day of school for SY 2016-2017.  It has been a long day for the boys because they were used to having just 3-4 subjects/day during the past few months, and today, we have to cover additional subjects, 7-8 core, in all.  But fear not, lest I kill their interest in learning, we'll have to fine tune our sails this week so both mommy and kids will have an over all happy journey this year.

We're using the following materials:

For M1:

Reading: Bigger Stories for Little Folks, Devotional Stories, Devitional Stories Too
Grammar: Language of God (Level A)
Handwriting: CHC Handwriting 2
Mathematics: Math-U-See Beta

For M2:
Reading: Little Stories for Little Folks, What Do You Like to Do?, What Can You Do? (Easy Readers)
Spelling: My Very First Catholic Speller
Handwriting: CHC Handwriting 1
Mathematics: Math-U-See Alpha

For both M1 & M2:

Religion: Faith & Life 2 (Student Text), Book of Saints
Science: Behold & See 2, Science 2 for Little Folks, Onions in my Boots
Social Studies: Explore the Continents
Character/Values: Laying Down the Rails, Building Good Character
Art: A Childs' Book of Prayer in Art,
Music: Making Music Praying Twice,
P.E.: Swimming, golf
Literature & Poetry:  various age-appropriate living books
Filipino: various Filipino children's books

For the teacher:
Lesson Plans: CHC Lesson Plans for First Grade, CHC Lesson Plans for Second Grade, CHC Lesson Planner
Language Arts: Creative Communications
Mathematics: Math-U-See Alpha, & Beta Teacher's Manuals

Our Lady, Star of the Sea. Pray for us.