Friday, September 16, 2016

Field trip: Provincial Library

Our first field trip for the school year was a visit to the provincial library.  The collection of children's books weren't as exhaustive as I would have wanted.  It didn't generate as much excitement from the boys, (though the little girl wouldn't let go of Pancake, Pancake by Eric Carle.)  I showed them some books that we used to play on the CD, they recognized it and were smiling about it.  We read a Madeline and the Old House in Paris (John Bemelmans Marciano).  We checked out, and scanned pages of some more books.  Like I said, it wasn't a very big collection but there were books I'd definitely would like to read to the boys, musty as the old books are.  It's too bad they don't allow the books to be borrowed and brought out of the building, because people don't return the books.  I'll surely bring them back for story time.

After, we made a side trip to the pet shop where a duck's webbed feet got M1's attention, as did the white mouse running in its wheel.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First day for SY 2016-2017

It's our first day of school for SY 2016-2017.  It has been a long day for the boys because they were used to having just 3-4 subjects/day during the past few months, and today, we have to cover additional subjects, 7-8 core, in all.  But fear not, lest I kill their interest in learning, we'll have to fine tune our sails this week so both mommy and kids will have an over all happy journey this year.

We're using the following materials:

For M1:

Reading: Bigger Stories for Little Folks, Devotional Stories, Devitional Stories Too
Grammar: Language of God (Level A)
Handwriting: CHC Handwriting 2
Mathematics: Math-U-See Beta

For M2:
Reading: Little Stories for Little Folks, What Do You Like to Do?, What Can You Do? (Easy Readers)
Spelling: My Very First Catholic Speller
Handwriting: CHC Handwriting 1
Mathematics: Math-U-See Alpha

For both M1 & M2:

Religion: Faith & Life 2 (Student Text), Book of Saints
Science: Behold & See 2, Science 2 for Little Folks, Onions in my Boots
Social Studies: Explore the Continents
Character/Values: Laying Down the Rails, Building Good Character
Art: A Childs' Book of Prayer in Art,
Music: Making Music Praying Twice,
P.E.: Swimming, golf
Literature & Poetry:  various age-appropriate living books
Filipino: various Filipino children's books

For the teacher:
Lesson Plans: CHC Lesson Plans for First Grade, CHC Lesson Plans for Second Grade, CHC Lesson Planner
Language Arts: Creative Communications
Mathematics: Math-U-See Alpha, & Beta Teacher's Manuals

Our Lady, Star of the Sea. Pray for us.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

School about to end, plus something new on the site

We're in our last weeks of our school year. We're basically just making up on lessons that fell behind schedule because some days we just got a little lazy to learn formally with the textbooks.  We're ok with the pacing though, we still have a month for vacation which means less risk for the equivalent of the summer slide.


I made some changes in the layout of this blog.  The links are placed in another page instead of the sidebar.  The links are not an extensive list of resources, they're my go-to/preferred sites.  What I'd usually recommend to friends.  I've also made another page of articles.  Posts that made so much sense to me-- something that I could've written myself!  And, I definitely liked that they're backed by science.  I'm just having challenges navigating the parenting waters, so they're some sort of lighthouses.  Or life-savers.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Making noise again

It's been quiet here for quite a while, 10 months to be more specific, but only because outside the blogging world we've been kind of busy. Homeschooling with an infant.  How we did it?  It's just really taking each day at a time.  Very thankful we're using CHC. We stick with the core subjects most days.  The rest of the time, the two boys are left on their own to play.  And, we unschool--among the highlights were kite-flying with the grandfather, and, we've started learning to whittle. This year, we also had a headstart of about 2-3 months (finished early the previous year), so we don't feel hurried with our schedule.

Now that baby J is almost 16 months old, she's also asking for read alouds a lot.  Lots of Mother Goose rhymes and singing.  She pulls books from the shelves and looks at the pictures-- voila! Another bookworm! So, yeah, I have 3 students now under my wings.

I already have most of M1's books for the incoming year, from the same curriculum catalog, CHC.  Additional materials will include a book for picture study, art lessons from, and piano lessons from Hoffman (M2 will learn these subjects with him). M1 is asking if he can start inventing already, so I'll probably burn some more cash to get that Little Bits kit.  

For M2, he's in the middle of Kindergarten (K1 & K2 combined, for a year) program, except for Science, and Religion, which he took with M1, grade 1 level.  He works fast, and is enthusiastic most of the time to homeschool. This kid has a great attitude, doesn't complain a lot, and is very kind.

On parenting.  The biggest challenge of parenting, in my humble opinion and experience, is coming to terms with one's self.  Despite knowing that among the keys (and probably the most important) to parent well is to set the example, it has truly been a humbling experience.  After 7 years of being a parent, I see my eldest, and the result of my so-called parenting. He's a great kid, but I also see how I could've done better (or, how I've inflicted damage?).   Now more than ever I realize and feel the impact of that. If there is someone I have to "parent" it's myself first. Sort out all that angst (where did it come from, anyway?).  When time flies so fast and you just have a window, and you don't think you did everything perfectly, you just get anxious sometimes... and that's where I am right now.  Anyhow.  I've managed to get a hold of some books.  If you're like me who's keen to improve parenting skills, and be intentional, these are my run-to reads:

  • The 5 Love Languages of Children,by Gary Chapman
  • Personality Plus for Parents, by Florence Littauer
  • The Whole Brain Child, by Daniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson
  • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish
  • Building Character, by David Isaacs