Saturday, February 2, 2013

Treasures in the shelf

Last December, we finally took home the old Childcraft series my mother in law was handing the kids down months prior.  The volumes Stories and Fables, and Poems and Rhymes had to be my favorite.  They're classic!  (Because of these, I can hold off hoarding books from bookshops (online/offline) which me & my hubby's pockets will appreciate).  I still have to run through with the other volumes as a I feel that several information might already be in need of updating.

Aside from Childcraft, I'm also loving the Catholic Children's Treasure Box (though I only have the 1st set).  These are also great fillers when we go a little off-track from my lesson plans, as I know that books-- lots of stories, are the way to the boys' attention.

Speaking of lesson plans/ schedules, I'm following Mater Amabilis general way of going about the day.