Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Preschool & Kindergarten Curricula*


(up to 1 hour daily)
Number and literacy activities – daily, 20 to 30 minutes total
Religion – daily, up to 10 minutes
Story time – daily, up to 20 minutes
In addition to this more structured time, aim to include nature study and art and craft activities each week.
**Preschool (3-5 years old) foundations.

Bible stories**                                                                                 
The Mass Book for Children                                                           
Who Am I? Workbook A                      

Let There Be Llamas!                                                                          
God’s Wisdom for Little Boys                                                             
Poems & Prayers for the Very Young   
Brambly Hedge Collection                                                                           
Raggedy Andy Stories
The Real Mother Goose
The Year at Maple Hill Farm
Eric Carle’s Animals Animals  

[our old books, including]:                                                                       
The Children’s Book of Virtues (Bennet)                                       
The 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury                                       
Harper Collin’s Picture Book Classics
Catholic Children's Treasury Box Vol. 1-10
Childcraft Stories & Fables
Childcraft Poems & Rhymes

Top 3 habits to work on:  obedience, attentiveness, truthfulness

Freeplay & exploration outside

Making Music Praying Twice

Swimming lessons

Number & Logic Games for Preschoolers                                            
Kumon Numbers 1-30                                                           

I Can Find Letter Sounds  



(1 to 1.5 hours daily)
Religion – four times weekly, for 10 to 15 minutes
History and geography – twice weekly, for 10 to 15 minutes
Music appreciation and picture study – weekly, for around 10 minutes
Poetry – twice weekly, for 5 to 10 minutes
Story time – daily, for 10 to 15 minutes

Monday - Bible, Reading, Painting, Break, Number, Handwork, Geography, Writing
Tuesday – Tales, Number, Handwork, Break, Reading, Singing Games, Writing, Nature Study
Wednesday – Poetry, Reading, Nature Study, Break, Number, Handwork, History, Writing
Thursday – Bible, Number, Handwork, Break, Reading, Singing Games, Writing, Tales
Friday – Tales, Reading, Picture Study, Break, Number, Handwork, Nature Study, Writing
*A break for free play must be included as shown above.

Other afternoon activities:
·         physical exercise,
·         outdoor nature observation,
·         gardening,
·         outdoor geography
·         more listening to stories.
* The arrangement of these must depend largely on weather and climate. Children should be allowed to help in the house and in the care of animals.

Sample Schedule

Monday to Thursday

Session 1 (45 mins):
Religion (10 mins)
Reading (10 mins)
Picture study, Music Appreciation or Poetry (10 mins)
History or Geography (10 mins)
Handwriting (5 mins)

Session 2 (25 mins):
Maths (10 mins)
Story time (15 mins)


Session 1 (45 minutes):
Reading (10 mins)
Art or craft activity (30 mins)
Handwriting (5 mins)

Session 2 (25 mins):
Maths (10 mins)
Story time (15 mins)

Who Am I? K Workbook  (CHC)                                                 
God’s Love Story  (CHC)                                                                   
Bible stories                                                                              
-      The Clown of God (Tomie dePaola)                                          
-      The Christmas Story (Little Golden Book)                                  
[Easter] The Easter Story (St. Joseph Picture Books)                                        

Little Folk’s Number Practice
Math-U-See Primer   
·         Counting songs
·         Number games (dominoes, number lotto)
·         Board games with dice
·         Make and copy sequences and patterns
·         Time (clock with movable hands)
·         Measuring (ruler, weight scale)
·         Cooking (measurement)
·         Money (learn different coins, count pennies)

Little Folk’s Letter Practice                                                          
Little Stories for Little Folks Phonics Program                                      
Catholic Heritage Handwriting K   

 *Math(s), reading and writing – daily, for 10 minutes each (less for handwriting)

Term 1: The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter (Beatrix Potter)      
Term 2: Charlotte’s Web (E.B.White)                                                        
Term 3: Winnie-the-Pooh (A.A.Milne)

Poems and Prayers for the Very Young
A Child's Garden of Verses
Childcraft Poems and Rhymes
When We Were Very Young (A.A. Milne)
Now We are Six (A.A. Milne)

Folk songs
National anthem
Ay, Naku! (Tahanan Books)
Araw sa Palengke (Adarna House)
Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa (Adarna House)

The Year at Maple Hill Farm (Alice and Martin Provensen)             
One Small Square series: Backyard, Seashore, Pond, Night Sky                                                            

Art Masterpieces:  A Liturgical Collection (CHC)

Childcraft Make and Do
Gardening – Onions in My Boots (CHC)
Finger, & watercolor painting
Help with household chores                                            

Making Music Praying Twice
Classical music – Classical Kids

Swimming lessons
*Based on Mater Amabilis' Prep Level Curriculum, with contents amended to fit our family's needs.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Like fishes in the sea!

Major accomplishment for the boys this summer is learning a new skill-- swimming!  In just 10 days (20 hours) they learn to not be afraid of going to the deeper side of the pool, to hold their breaths for seconds, and to kick & move themselves from one end of the pool, with a board at first, and without one in the end.  It was not totally tear-free in the 1st two days, but in the end, they developed a confidence and love for swimming.  They're actually asking when they can next go the beach/ pool.  I do plan to have them continue with the lessons weekly as their instructor will continue to offer swimming lessons throughout the [school] year.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Reposting: Boys & Violence

I just wanted to link to this blog post because even if violence is definitely something negative, she has a point.  But I'd rather call it self-defense.  When diplomacy fails, and the when the society would rather just watch, my boys should definitely know (as a last resort) how to physically stand up for themselves and the people that will need their help.  I'll have them engage in martial arts early on (probably next year).  But of course teaching them on principles, when to use force, is necessary.