Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It has been a couple of months since my last post. That's because there's nothing very school-y happening about. I just let the kids play. I know they're learning while at it. You should hear Marek talk... all that logic! It's like talking to a much older kid. Them boys are also now conversing more with each other, not just parallel play. Markus is the more talkative one. Marek can pray and do the sign of the cross. I let him pray our bedtime prayers. He always start it with 'thank you God for giving us food'. Markus knows how to count to ten (although he often misses number 2), and Marek, to twenty. They still love being read to. Marek enjoys being quizzed. Marek has better control with the scissors, and the crayon. I'm excited for summer, as that means I will be starting Marek on Pre-school. I'll be buying Catholic Heritage Curricula Core materials (and yes, that's final).

Update (5/11/12):  Marek now starts his prayers with, watch over our lolos and lolas and titos and titas...  He also leads our Prayer Before Meal.
Bought Marek's modified core materials, got the advanced preschool reading and math for him.