Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Precious moments

As I relaxed a bit after putting my patient to sleep, I look at the clock: it's eight o'clock. The kids must be sleeping. Except for around 2 hours before their bedtime, and onwards, I spent the entire day playing with them. When I finally had work to do at the hospital, at least they'll be sleeping by then. Or so I thought. I arrived home 3 hours past the boys' bedtime only to find Marek greeting me with an obviously excited voice, from the dark, asking why I was home already. He, apparently, was waiting for me, and according to our yaya, he claimed that he wasn't sleepy, and had wanted to call a tricycle so they can go to the hospital to see me. He wanted me to be there beside him when he falls asleep. I asked him why he was still up, I was met with a face grinning from ear to ear, eyes that are telling of what is in his heart, and two small hands holding my head, happy I'm within reach.

So maybe playschool (or toddler school) may only take an hour our two, but if an hour or two amount that much to my children, then it's only right that at their tender age, they should have all their waking moments, their learning moments in the atmosphere that is home, (or wherever mommy happens to be). Never mind that a lot of toddlers, including our friends' tots, are now being sent to these toddler schools. My kids are happy to be home, and they're advancing just fine.

(As for my job, my husband and I have found a way so we will not be tied and be slave to our jobs-- getting there is already a work in progress).

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