Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trying out new things: Behind the Shutter

Last weekend we attended a wedding, and my hubby left the camera with me.  Good thing I remembered to grab an opportunity... to let M1 try out photography.  Let's see if he has the eye for it.  

For a 4-year old 1st-timer with a DSLR camera, I should say his shots were great!  And I can count it as part of homeschooling!  So proud of your work, my boy!


  1. wow! very nice shots from a 4-year-old! excellent job, M1! :)

  2. Hi! Just like to ask since you're an independent homeschooler how do you go about with grading and record keeping? Thanks

    1. Hi! Actually, I still haven't figured out how to yet. My eldest is still in Nursery level. But I will be formal about it when he becomes a Kindergartner, (or once we start including Kindergarten materials in his lessons). What I'm doing for now is just keep our projects, have a portfolio, and writing down the things that we've done/accomplished. I'm not into "grading" him yet. As long as I see that he understands the lessons, then I know we're ok... for now.
      I do plan to start with purchasing Catholic Heritage Curricula's report card (since we're 98% CHC), then from there let's see how it goes.
      If you have ideas, do let me in on them also. Thanks!