Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Calming bottles

The calming bottle is a favorite among preschool homeschoolers, and so I decided to have it as our first arts & crafts project for the year. It's very simple and easy to do, especially for a creativity-challenged mom like me.  Besides, who wouldn't love glitters?

All we used for this project were:

  • (2) 300 ml plastic bottles 
  • a glitter glue in the preferred color of the child (we used Disney's Art Attack)
  • more glitters in the same color as the glitter glue
  • small metallic stars (optional)
  • warm water
  • long stick to stir it with

We first filled the bottle to around 2/3 of its capacity.  Then the kids did the squeezing of the glitter glue into the bottles.  They also helped with stirring & dissolving it.  A little more than 1/3 of the glitter glue gave a good consistency.  Then we added the extra glitters and the small stars.  We filled the bottle with water to the brim before closing it tightly.  Et voila!

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