Tuesday, July 12, 2016

School about to end, plus something new on the site

We're in our last weeks of our school year. We're basically just making up on lessons that fell behind schedule because some days we just got a little lazy to learn formally with the textbooks.  We're ok with the pacing though, we still have a month for vacation which means less risk for the equivalent of the summer slide.


I made some changes in the layout of this blog.  The links are placed in another page instead of the sidebar.  The links are not an extensive list of resources, they're my go-to/preferred sites.  What I'd usually recommend to friends.  I've also made another page of articles.  Posts that made so much sense to me-- something that I could've written myself!  And, I definitely liked that they're backed by science.  I'm just having challenges navigating the parenting waters, so they're some sort of lighthouses.  Or life-savers.

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