Friday, September 16, 2016

Field trip: Provincial Library

Our first field trip for the school year was a visit to the provincial library.  The collection of children's books weren't as exhaustive as I would have wanted.  It didn't generate as much excitement from the boys, (though the little girl wouldn't let go of Pancake, Pancake by Eric Carle.)  I showed them some books that we used to play on the CD, they recognized it and were smiling about it.  We read a Madeline and the Old House in Paris (John Bemelmans Marciano).  We checked out, and scanned pages of some more books.  Like I said, it wasn't a very big collection but there were books I'd definitely would like to read to the boys, musty as the old books are.  It's too bad they don't allow the books to be borrowed and brought out of the building, because people don't return the books.  I'll surely bring them back for story time.

After, we made a side trip to the pet shop where a duck's webbed feet got M1's attention, as did the white mouse running in its wheel.

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