Thursday, May 10, 2012

Legacy 101

Two weeks ago, I attended a business & leadership seminar in Malaysia (yes, I should've written this sooner). And among the things that struck me most was a talk on personal development by one of the leaders who we look up to because it was so close to home.

What attitudes are we imparting to our children?  How do we see ourselves?  Do we have a healthy self-image?  Are we carrying baggages from our past?  How do we want our children to grow?  Are we persons of integrity?  Because our kids sense when we're being negative, when we have low self-esteem, when we're up one moment and down the next (when we're unstable), and they doubt our teachings about values and character when they see us doing the opposite.  It catches in on them!

The point is, we have to strive so hard at becoming the best examples.  Because their eyes are always on us.  That is why, while we are homeschooling them, and beyond, we should also continue educating ourselves on success, leadership, people skills, and the likes, and just keep working on personal improvement/ development.  We should surround ourselves with (positive) people, and books, even audio cds that teaches us principles and perspectives that will spell for us success in leadership, love, and life.  Because we are mostly influenced by books that we read, and people that we surround ourselves with, and cds/audios/seminars we listen to.  These things can be learned.  We have a choice-- let us not be pulled down by our past, and our circumstances.  According to Jim Dornan,
"A life rooted in clear values, purpose, and commitment is solid and steadfast.  It produces significance that embodies success in all dimensions of life:  spiritual life, relational and emotional life, and material and financial life."
And when we realize this, and apply the right principles, perspectives, and attitudes in our lives, we pass on to our children the right equipments they will be needing, (like good morals, integrity, a positive and winning attitude), that will subsequently spell success for them in all aspects of their lives.  Because they learn with what's "caught, not taught". 

So maybe this is probably something that we already know, but still, it is something that we parents need to be reminded of, its impact and importance, constantly.  And so, I feel very blessed to have our business system's personal training and development provider/partner, and our leaders in it, come into our lives, because it is more than just business, it's about knowing, and helping me work on myself, so that I can be a better person, a better wife, a better friend, a better citizen, and a better mother.  I'm far from being perfect, but I'll get there, if only for my family, my children.

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