Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early Years Education Revamp

After A's hesitancy with Catholic Heritage Curricula's Numbers, and Letters Practice, which I'm afraid might lead to frustration, I have decided to let go with the 2 books for now.  Those will have to wait for next year-- hopefully the flow with the rest of CHC's core Kindergarten Curriculum will be smoother.  I'm sticking with Who Am I? for Religion.  The rest of the activities will be taken from ideas in Montessori at Home! (e-book sold at  Areas covered will include Practical Life, Sensorial Experiences, Art & Music, Mathematics, Reading & Writing, and Science.  We're also working on the "prepared environment" aspect of the approach.  (Finally, our books will now have their long-overdue shelves!  And, goodbye clutter!).  On Charlottte Mason approach, I'll be acquiring living books whenever I can, perhaps monthly-- speaking of which, I can't wait for "The Children's Book of Virtues" by William J. Bennett, plus 2 other books to land in the mail!  (See my Priority Living Books wishlist @  I'll also put much more focus (as previously planned) on character/ values/ virtues formation... hence, my recent purchase of We Choose Virtues' Homeschool Kit (it's a little pricey but I know reaping the rewards is priceless).

Hmmm... what else?  Oh, I'm working on improving my bond with the kids-- trying to be better at being a real mom.  Let's face it, time around them doesn't always mean quality time with them.  (And time flies so fast!)  Always listen, pay attention, and play play play and participate in their play!  And read them stories.  I can feel how they adore it when I do all those stuff for them.  They cling to me like honeybees to honey!  I know when I'm slacking off... they're more attached to the baby sitter (who also was my mom's baby sitter since I was a toddler!--  She's has always been, and will be, family, but still...)

For inspiration, here's a post I recently stumbled upon: Homeschooling Makes Me a Better Parent.
And, finally, here's a reminder to self, and other homeschool moms-- if anyone might happen to drop by:


  1. How old is A again, dear? :) What I love about homeschooling is that we can adapt our routines and "lessons" according to the kids. To be perfectly honest, we sometimes don't use CHC at all - sometimes we use Five in a Row, sometimes we just read a lot of books. I believe (though there are days when I struggle to! haha!) that kids will eventually learn on their own and everything will "click" for them in God's time! :) God bless you and your family!

    1. He will turn 4 by end of December. Yes, I realized I have to do a lot of adapting (more than I expected) to make him love learning. Ramming a curriculum that I fancy without taking his style into consideration will be just be an uphill battle.