Friday, November 16, 2012

Montessori at Home!

Montessori at Home! does make homeschooling a breeze.  It's very easy to follow.  One can get started as soon as you get hold of the handbook.  A lot of the materials to get you started can really be found in the house.  And the kids, they love the activities.  I do not find very much resistance.  Both Marek and Markus enjoy the rice & water tubs... just a little too much.  My challenge lies in taking control.  Our homeschool is messier than the examples in the book.   They need to train some more on right-away obedience.  They do obey, but a lot of times, only when it's convenient to obey!  M2 has to work on self-control.  And M1 has to be a little less mischievous... which pushes my buttons sometimes.  Gentle disciplining sure can be challenging.  But over-all I'm less overwhelmed about our homeschooling.  Montessori at Home!  makes one step one day at a time easier.

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