Sunday, December 2, 2012

Going Timberdoodle

I think I hit a jackpot, and this has got to be it.  Really!  Timberdoodle seems like a lot of fun.  There's a lot of Montessori, with Charlotte Mason, just the right mixture of eclectic.  It seemed a little pricey at first, but it's value for money!  I think with this new addition, I'll be coming up with just the right homeschooling stuff for my kids.

With a handful of materials already--I have BFIAR, CHC, Montessori at Home!, some influence of Charlotte Mason... I have to get serious with my planning and time management, or else it will turn out to be sour case of juggling act.  Add to it the fact that I haven't resigned from my job yet, and I'm also an entrepreneur on the side, also with some personal interests/ hobbies of my own!  I myself have to homeschool myself on how to homeschool, financial literacy-- investing on paper assets, real estate, gold & silver, culinary arts (still waiting for a chef friend).

So, seriously, Seriously, SERIOUSLY, I and M1 have to be serious on our homeschooling scheds after he turns 4 years old, PreK level.  And then by March, I and M2 have to be serious on our homeschooling scheds after he turns 3 y.o.!  All necessary materials in,  calendars planned and filled, and no more jumping curriculums!  I'll be in need of a very good planner.  Or perhaps printouts of all the planners from each source will do?

Got to go to work.

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