Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm so pleased that "What your Preschooler needs to know:  Read-alouds to get ready for Kindergarten" from The Core Knowledge Series, has finally arrived at our doorstep.  The contents are divided into the following:  poems, songs, stories, history, science, and art, with some resources for parents included.  History we couldn't relate to very much since it's all American, but I suppose there are values there to be learned.  There are a couple of stories that the kids are already familiar with, but there are still more stuff to be explored.  The illustrations are eye candies and will definitely catch their attention.  A lot of the things here we can learn from somewhere but this book just makes it all coherent, and is reassuring that minimal, if not none, will be missed in homeschooling during the preschool years.  Definitely the stuff that will engage my boys.

Our other new materials:
Audio:  Susan Hammond and the Classical Kids
            Wee Sing Children's Songs and Fingerplays

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