Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friendly neighbors

Among the questions constantly thrown at us, as with other homeschoolers, is how can they develop socially?  (Isn't it that the baranggay is the basic unit of society?)  Well, I also make use of the baranggay (in our case.  I encourage my kids to say hi to other kids.  Naturally, they were a little hesitant, but this morning, they sure made me proud.  Kuya M had a very good self-control.  A toddler w/ the sister who's as old as M rode his kart as soon as they got hold of it, but M held himself back and let them play.  Then we met another boy who M used to dislike but now he was willing to lend his toys.  We even invited the boy to our house where M & MP showed and shared him their toys, and weren't even willing to let him go home.  For their reward, they get to stick their 'social' butterfly on our WCV reward poster.

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