Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Treasures

The cheapest way to find lessons nowadays is thru the internet. There are a lot of good stuff out there. But sometimes, it's exactly THAT, that's the problem. It's like I've been tossed into the ocean! You have things in your mind, you have goals, but when you go surfing for stuff, one can easily get so distracted. But recently, I found really good sites that I can use for Marek and Markus. Now, I'm getting more organized.

For April, I wanted the boys to have swimming lessons... so fitting for summer! However, in this side of the planet, the recommended swimming teacher we know is out on vacation, and we haven't found another swim class. And then, I found a book-- Learn to Swim: Step by step water confidence and safety skills for babies and young children by Rob and Kathy McKay. Looks like our inflatable pool will be put to really good use afterall. And Mark can learn to swim with the kids, too!

As for academics, I've decided for early education. Free ebooks at promoting early reading and math literacy convinced me. And the window for Marek is fast approaching.

The list is long for teaching values, but an article, sited the following are crucial and relevant to toddlers:

  • obedience
  • submission to authority
  • control of temper tantrums
  • sharing of toys, love and forgivenes
  • resolving conflicts
  • developing sensitivity to others

For these, I will be needing Bible stories, and Veggietales, playmates (neighbor friends), and of course, actual situations as they come along.

And last, but not the least, for M1, potty training! Mark bought The Everything Potty Training Book by Linda Sonna a long time ago. We thought M1 was making progress but he later somehow became averse to using the potty and so I decided to give it a long break. But I think now he's showing signs of readiness.

I almost forgot, Easter is just around the corner, I hope this time we finally get to hunt easter eggs! Watching out for ads.

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