Saturday, April 2, 2011

Preparing for 'smooth and easy days'

Homeschooling is a dynamic process. I can do research for a month about what to teach the boys, especially M1, and how to teach. But at the end of the day, it's I who has to be flexible, rather than M1 adjust to his lessons. And so we end up not having any curriculum to follow at all (which is actually the point of homeschool). The key I think is to have a goal of what he needs to know. It'll be more relevant for us at this stage to have a checklist rather than a daily schedule. And because what M1 already knows is at least, at par with Kindergartens (mind you, he's only two), I'm refocusing his lessons more on character formation (along side early reading... he knows most of his alphabet and how they sound). Marek is a cautious boy. It takes him time to warm up to new people and new situations, but he IS assertive and can be quite stubborn sometimes. I found this ebook quite inspiring, Smooth and Easy Days, for teaching M1 good habits/ values. We'll be starting of with obedience. I find it easier to have M1's cooperation when he feels that I'm making myself more available to him, not necessarily by placing the other baby, M2, in the backseat, but by being around all the time and giving him more loving attention. Above anything else, really giving him time is of utmost importance. That's the framework for any of our lesson. Hopefully within two months, we wouldn't have to remind him why Nemo was captured by the SCUBA divers (which he calls screw divers).

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