Sunday, April 10, 2011

Up with a schedule

I finally came up with a schedule (see bottom of the webpage). But we're not strict about it, it's flexible. It's just a guide. We're very relaxed with them. We just let them play. I just want a semblance of routine (I read they're good for tikes).

Sesame Street revived (at least for me). Actually, the only idea of M1 about the show is their Play-Doh. I have forgotten how it actually was a good educational tv show (because when I was a kid, it was entertaining and that was that, I didn't really mind that it was actually imparting something). I visited their website and I found it quite nice, and as something I can use as a teaching aid, or an alternative to Peppa Pig.

I was quite amazed at M1 when he was able to identify all the letters of the alphabet. He also already knows most of their sounds. I don't see reading too far behind. But, really, there's no hurry.

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