Monday, September 26, 2011

More on disciplining

The second secret from Michele Borba's book, 12 Secrets Real Moms Know is: "A mother who is firm and fair gives her children a moral code to live by." The chapter includes the following 9 steps to dealing with bad behaviour firmly and fairly:

  1. Establish your rules.
  2. Deal with one behaviour at a time.
  3. Connect calmly with your child.
  4. Clarify your concerns.
  5. Suggest a positive alternative.
  6. Explain the consequence if the misbehaviour or rule infraction continues.
  7. Correct the misbehaviour on the spot and carry out the agreed consequence.
  8. Be fair.
  9. Congratulate good efforts.
When disciplining, I will always have to remind myself to "discipline in love-- never in anger."

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