Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Ten Commandments For Parents To Have a Happy, Smart Child

1. Thou shall provide a home filled with love and joy
2. Thou shall respond promptly to the needs of your baby.
3. Thou shall talk and count to your baby as often as possible.
4. Thou shall be enthusiastic, energetic, and happy when talking, counting, playing, and stimulating your baby.
5. Thou shall read to your baby every day as often as possible.
6. Thou shall read the cues and temperament of your baby. Thou shall stop reading or stimulating her at the early sign of tiredness or bored-ness.
7. Thou shall not let her watch Television, VCR, or computer until she is 6 year old.
8. Thou shall not shout, fight, or be angry when baby is around her seeing or hearing distance.
9. Thou shall provide her with adequate books and toys for stimulation of her brain.
10. Thou shall maintain a stable and intact family.

Leo Leonidas, MD, FAAP,
Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics,
Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston;

Attending Pediatrician,
Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, Maine

Copyright Leo Leonidas 2002

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