Friday, September 13, 2013

Early encouragement to self

We're nearing the end of our 2nd week.  I find myself asking if we're doing ok.  M2 definitely doesn't want any homeschooling at this point, which to him means answering preK workbooks (hey, the ones I bought were labelled for 3 years old).  But he makes sure he's there whenever I start reading a story.  M1 tries to avoid studying but can be coaxed into finishing tasks.

I do have a lesson plan/ schedule which I follow.  But what I have failed to do was set goals for our homeschool, not a generic goal, but OUR family's goals for this year.  From an article, it tells me that I have to focus on 4 aspects,

  1. intellectual
  2. physical
  3. spiritual
  4. social
Intellectually, that he will be able to read simple sentences by the end of Kindergarten, do simple addition and subtraction, and learn to write letters.  It's broad, but to be specific, I'll rely & try to stick with the lesson plans, and I'm giving ourselves 2 years for that level.  Habits: diligence, perseverance  

Physically, that he can learn to dress/undress himself with ease, good hygiene (washing of hands), for him to be able to brush his teeth on his own.  To eat on his own even when dining out. To eat & sleep on time

Spiritually, to start to appreciate the Mass in a simple way.  To learn to pray reverently.  Memorize basic prayers.  Be able to do choose what to do based on what he knows is right or wrong, even when I'm not around.  To be patient, self-controlled, kind, honest, obedient, and forgiving.

Socially, to be well-mannered, to learn to always use polite words.  To be attentive, and diligent.  To be able to answer the phone politely, to learn to greet other people.  To learn how to behave when at a friend's house.

* * *

When academics can be a pressure (when homeschool=RRR), a reminder to self (from Simply Charlotte Mason),
  1. Focus on the foundations:  habits, outside play, read-alouds, Bible
  2. Enrichment & beauty:  arts, music, crafts, poetry
  3. Reading, writing, math:  may be added as informal activities.  

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