Friday, September 6, 2013

Taekwondo, etc.

We will not be having swimming lessons for their PE class.  The instructor told us that both the boys have learned whatever they can learn at their age.  We'll just arrange for a session with her every other month for the maintenance of their skills.  She encouraged us to go swimming regularly (on week-ends) so the boys will not forget.

Swimming has been replaced by Taekwondo which happens every Tues, Thurs, and Sat morning & afternoon, an hour per session.  Mommy & Poppa have also joined them, so this is our version of family fitness program.  (Today was our 2nd time).  But Taekwondo is more than just for physical fitness, and self-defense, it's also for developing character, especially discipline, respect, courage, and perseverance, among others.

* * *

Focus on virtues:  Attentiveness.
M1 get's easily distracted when he's not that keen about what I'm making him do, like going over his workbooks.  And so from today until the end of the month probably, our character training will be on attentiveness.  

* * *

Lesson learned on parenting.  Never let the children feel judged.  They'll be more open if they don't feel that they're being judged, or scrutinized.  As M1 and I were on his math practice, he was having a little confusion with the numerals 6, 8, and 9.  I asked him if he was wasn't sure about identifying one of them.  I sensed his hesitancy to tell me honestly, but when I gave him tips on how to remember, he realized that I only wanted to help.  And when I asked him if he's having the same challenge with the next numeral, he readily said 'yes', knowing that we'll be figuring out how he can remember.

Anyway, how we did it, we used rhyming words, and objects that can represent the numbers.  For 6, we played with the rhyming words six - yoyo tricks, as the yoyo can also look like number six.  For 8, "Eight! I see gate" with fingers forming binoculars which we then rotate vertically.  And, for 9, "nine, the lolipop is mine".  M1 is word smart, and visual, which probably explains why he appreciates the rhyming words coupled with our objects
* * *

I was flattered this morning with M2's comment.  He was showing me a sticker of that yellow mini car from Disney's Cars when I wrongly named the car (instead of Luigi, I was calling it Guido).  He was giggling at my mistake, and so I also laughed at my mistake.  Then he said, "ang cute mo Mommy" (Mommy, you're cute) with a really sweet smile.  That sure warmed my heart.

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